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We are full of creative lightbulbs waiting to get lit with inspiration to make something creative and unique for your brand to stand out.



Branding is more than just a logo. It is a full visual identity that is unique to you and represents the essence of what you do. It is the foundation to build on.

Laptop Writing


Website is a perfect tool to represent what you do to the world. It can be big or small, simple or full of features... But the one thing is certain, you need to have it.

Travel Apps

Social Media

There are a lot of social media platforms and they are the best place to advertise in the modern world. It is important to know how to utilise each platform.

Stack of Magazines

Print Design

Books, brochures, flyers, invitations, business cards... Although we don't handle the printing ourselves, we can prepare and design anything you need for print. 

Business Conference

What sets us apart?

Creative Ideas

We take care of all the design aspect of your projects without needing too much input from you. We are experts and if you let us do what we do the best, you can relax.

Unique Designs

Unless agreed otherwise, we will always start designing from "blank canvas" and build design around your content. This ensures personalised and unique end product.

For All Budgets

We have creative solutions for start-ups with smaller budgets and for established businesses that can invest in more unique and personalized care.


We value your time and ours too. So we are using highly effective ways of quick, clear, and effective communication without long calls and unnecessary meetings.

Desk with Laptop

Some of our Work

Over 10 years of hard work and dedication, our portfolio constantly grew bigger and bigger. Our website would crash if we were to put all our work on display and it would take you months to view it. So we have a difficult decision to choose only some of our designs to show you. We are still going through our stored files, picking, and uploading so not everything is here yet. But feel free to view some of the work we uploaded so far.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Clients about  our Work

Rob treating cropped.jpg

Having run my own business for over 15 years I have had contact with lots of designers over the years. As a self-confessed perfectionist, most of the time I have been left with a feeling that my money was not that well spent and that I could have done (almost) as good a job myself! However, I can honestly say it came as an absolute pleasure to start working with Karla. My hopes and expectations were not only met, they were surpassed by Karla’s creative input, attention to detail and willingness to please! This is the reason why I have back to Karla on more than one occasion and each time I do the final product and process is better and beyond anything I had anticipated.

Robert Shanks (London, UK)

Osteopath, Injury & Fitness Consultant and author of “Back Pain Decoded”

Working Process

Discussing Project

First, you need to send us your project requirements and the content. Be detailed about it. The more information we have, the more precise offer you are going to get. It is very important to discuss all the project details in this step so that everything coming after that would go as smoothly as possible.

Getting Started

Once all details are discussed, you will receive a contract and an invoice. We have a few payment options available. After the contract is signed and the invoice is paid, you can relax and wait to hear from us with the completed work.

Project Completed

When we are done with your project, we will send it to you for approval. If there will be any need for amendments we would gladly do them to ensure your happiness with the end result. When everything is approved and all invoices paid, you will receive the final files and that's it. Simple as that.




We are aiming to have an easy and straightforward working process saving us all our precious time.


Our main communication will be through email so it doesn't matter where you are from and in which time zone you are. We don't practice calls and meetings unless they are for some reason necessary.


About  Us

Creuniq (formerly FluxyArtDesign) is a graphic and web design agency run by Karla. She is a professional photographer, graphic, and web designer with 10+ years of experience working on all kinds of different projects. Whatever you need, we've got you covered.


We specialize in branding, and we are proud to say that we developed a full visual identity for hundreds of start-ups and improved the existing brand identity of hundreds of businesses. Logo, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, banners, websites, and social media pages are just some of the services we offer when we are creating a brand.


When it comes to website design, Karla is Wix Certified Webmaster, Wix Certified Trainer, Wix Beta Tester, part of the Wix Marketplace, and Wix Partner qualified to create and design the most beautiful and functional websites combining her web and graphic design skills. 


If you are an author going to self-publish your books, you will be glad to know that Creuniq has book design experts with 15+ years of experience in self-publishing and have helped hundreds of authors with everything they need when it comes to their book business.


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